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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saab Sonett convertible, the ideal hillclimb tool

Saab Sonetts convertibles without roof are extremely rare. Some are completely custom with a special history, like the german Sonett III posted here before and some seem to be like the roof was simply cutted off, like the one in the video.

The youtube description says: 1968 SAAB Sonett. roof cut off, 1500cc V4, Column shift, freewheeling 4 speed transmission (SAAB Sport&Rally Spec1 gears). [original video]. 

Nice ride actually! :) There are more rides with this Sonett and driver online, for example the 2010 takeoff (the Sonett is seen from the rear side) or the rally sounding 2010 drive.

This whole thing brought me to thinking about how to mount a camera on my head without the need of a helmet. A fool in a Saab convertible with an antenna on his head. Hopely nobody calls ambulance ...

The hillclimb was organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club of America.

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