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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeding the Saab obsession

Every hobby remains a hobby when it is performed in a frequent manner. The Saab obsession belongs in this category. Every Saab spotted around feeds the virus. My feeder is this Saab 9000. It parks nearly every day below my balconee. It belongs to a friend, which is a high quality coffee importer. And before it belonged to another friend, an experimental and progressive musician, which switched to this classic Saab 900.

Well yes, not only doctors and architects, but also coffee and music experts are owning Saabs.

It's a 9000 CSE, born in 1993, it's hirsched to 270-280 horses, it has aero exhaust and 322.000 km on the clock. I considered to buy it, but it's now in good hands.

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