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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cabrio ride hints: Austria and Slovenia

From time to time my business trips are leading me through other roads than just highways. It happened last week in Slovenia and Austria. And two new discoveries. Instead of my Saab I drive these trips with the company car, but anyway the two roads are definitely worth mentioning.

Trzic (Slovenia) - Klagenfurt (Austria)

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It is a pass in the Alps (Karawanks), a narrow and curvy road leading high into the hills and then again down to Klagenfurt and the W├Ârthersee area. It was raining but in good weather this is a very  interesting 45 kilometers drive. Luck is needed for not getting a truck in front of you, because overtaking is nearly impossible here.

Klagenfurt - Judenburg (both Austria)

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Another road, this time full in Austria. Much faster than the previous one, leading through the Alps valleys. Comfortable 100 kilometers, in summer and good weather it must be beautiful.

Photos from it:

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