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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wagonized drawings

Cabotine, © Wagonized

By coincidence I've landed on the very cute Wagonized blog. The car paintings part is simply lovely and it contains a couple of Saabs as well. Such as Jeffs Cabotine above (I drove it for some minutes!:) ) or this red Saab 900 below.

Saab 900, © Wagonized

There are much more of these cute wagons, such as Citroen DS, Fiat Multipla (my grandparents had one, now it would be the coolest car on the road), BMW 2002, Lada Niva or Trabant.

Well and two other Saabs as well - a blue(s) ninetynine and a yellow ninetynine.

I love and respect these small hobby thingies such as these drawings.

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