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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The hirsched NEVS 9-3 Aero

Nevs has presented a Hirsch version of the Saab 9-3 MY14. Aero. The Hirsch upgrade will be offered to customers when considering or ordering the new 9-3. The package contains software performance upgrade to 275HP / 420 Nm, a diffusor, a rear spoiler and leather door handles. According to the swedish press announcement, the price for this is 23.900 SEK (about 2645 EUR). There is no word about other Hirsch interior parts in the press release.

If these parts were bought in the previous 9-3 times from Hirsch, the sum of them would be about 2200 EUR. But they are sold out and we have not to forget, the new performance upgrade is done from a 2.0 liter V4 instead of the former 2.8 V6. As far as i know, there is a different system as Trionic, but this was never confirmed.

Here the numbers: 

 ...and this is the performance curve: 

When comparing to the 2.8 Hirsch upgrade (275HP / 400 Nm), this new software looks on paper to bring 20 Nm more torque in about the same rpms. This is the original Hirsch curve (sorry not to have a larger picture):

This is actually not bad at all. Hirsch got a little bigger numbers from a 2.0T than originally from a 2.8T. Knowing Hirsch as a conservative tuner, they definitely know what they do. Hirsch originally tuned the 2.0T liter to 240HP / 350 Nm.

Regarding the urban fuel consumption 11.2 l/100 km it is much more realistic than the original 16.1 l/100 (2.8T) which is way too much against the reality. It comes very close to the fuel consumption of my convertible 2.8T Hirsch. And for such a power in petrol, the consumption is ok. Thinking about swedish roads with 110kmh maximum speed, it might be even lower.

The new hirsched NEVS Saab 9-3 MY14 will be presented on 29.5.2014 at Maptun meeting in Örebro. I hope the Maptun guys will also bring something to the table. Maybe the missing interior parts? Or an alternative chiptuning? Let's see, I am sure, there will come reports from the meeting soon. Also of the drivers feeling.

In the not so good current situation of the stopped (again) production, this is a nice move to show that things are going forward anyway.

Cross fingers Saab! Ehhh... NEVS.

Sources: Saabsunited,, Hirsch Performance.

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