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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Toppola interior

It's a while ago since the last blog post. Many things happened and I had to care about real life. In my daily job we've finished (successful) fiscal year which is connected to a lot of work. In my side project Citylife we've launched the Android version of our mobile app. A lot new things to learn and solve. Mobile analytics, interesting stuff. Besides the iOS version, this is our second app.

And than my brand new home PC burned out. It's now back but my trust in it got a deep scar.

A nice thing happened recently. There was a reader question about some photos of the Toppola interior in the post about the Toppola convoy. I have only one and not very good. But the Toppola enthusiasts from Belgium have seen the question and reacted with a set of pictures, which landed in my email. Thanks again Chris!

Here they are :

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