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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Toppola convoy

To see a Toppola on the road is a very rare thing. They are sometimes on Saab conventions. On the IntSaab 2012 were two or three. Also on the Saab 64 book launch there were two, arriving from Belgium. So basically who goes to some of the bigger conventions, get a chance to see a live Toppola once a year.

And than there are the Toppola meetings, which are organised from time to time. A really unique opportunity to see many Toppolas in one place. Even, they drive convoys !

Chris, one of the Toppola owners from Belgium, sent me a set of wonderful photos from three such meetings, one in Sweden and two in France (Bretagne and Normandie). And I am really happy to post them here.

Btw. there will be a Toppola meeting in Sweden around the time of Saab Festival. As far as I could understand, they will meet a day or two before the festival somewhere in Sweden and afterwards drive a convoy to Trollhattan. Wow. Looking forward to see it there :)

Many thanks for the photos Chris !

Edit : there are also a couple of photos of the Toppola interior here


  1. there are hardly any interior shots online, would really like to see more of what it's like inside as I doubt I'll ever see one in the flesh.

    1. i have one, a not very good one : . Behind the left side (where the numberplate is) is a small kitchen. I will do some better pics on the saabfestival.

  2. There have only been International Toppolameetings in Belgium and Sweden . Once in Belgium , twice in Sweden . Nowhere else .

  3. Indeed Ulf,
    the first one was organised by us in Belgium, second one by you and third one by Ola, both in Sweden.
    we are thinking about doing this again, in Belgium; will discuss this soon!!
    Wim & Marianne