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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The rapid switch to summer

This year the long winter here in central Europe switched to summer almost instantly. I realised that very significantly when stumbled on a photo taken by a friend on 1. April 2013. Normally it would be a April fool joke, but this year it was a reality. Temperature around -5°C.

Two weeks afterwards it was still snow everywhere. And than came the surprising switch. Within a week the temperatures climbed up to 25°C, even more. Questions like "where is the spring ?" started to appear all over the Internet. Meanwhile my Saab indicated 30°C even when not standing in the sun. The convertible season started. Actually the summer started. We could do a convertible ride last weekend.


Are we with our cars responsible for that ? The ecologists say yes. The scientists say "not so sure". There might be the truth somewhere in between. So where are the electric cars then ?

Photo #1 © by Martina Mlcuchova, btw. a great concert photographer, check out MM music photo

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