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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Klara Power Saab 900 in the Classic car of the year 2012 competition

The name tells it - is a web magazine about classic cars. Recently they announced the Classic car of the year 2012 competition. Nominated are top 15 renovation projects of classics in Poland. There are some very interesting projects and one of the nominees is the Saab classic 900 Klara Power.

Klara Power, started by a Saab fanatic in Poland, is a wonderful charity project for raising money for a sick little girl - Klara. As writes in an interview [GOOGLE TRANSLATED] :
"Klara Power Initiative came suddenly, when a friend from work gave birth to a sick little girl - Klara. We knew that help is needed. Slowly - from small collections of money, the annual share of the 1% tax for Klara, the auctions of built vehicles - an initiative was born. Recently, we were able to officially register the Klara Power Association. Our goal is to help Klara in living  a normal life, especially to be independent, thanks to the necessary surgery and rehabilitation. The Association also plans to help other children in need."

To connect a classic car project with a charity is actually a great idea. Now, Klara Power is a nominee in the Classic Car of the Year 2012. This nomination circulates around in the Saab related internet and has definitely a place here on Saabism.

It has my vote. There isn't a deadline stated, so if you want to support this idea, you should do it now.

Where to vote ? Here : Classic car of the year 2012. Beneath the photographs is a vote poll. If you want to read the text in english, click for the Google translation. I was able to vote only on the original polish link. Be patient until all pictures are loaded ...

Now it's your turn to vote for the classic 900 Klara Power Saab. 

source :, Klara Power facebook page 

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