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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saab 9000 in duty on Airport Bratislava (BTS)

In november 2012 a DHL cargo plane crashed during landing in Bratislava airport (BTS). Luckily it wasn't a fatal crash, the front wheel broke when the planee was already on the runway. It stayed on the airport several days and some photos appeared in the media.

One of them is showing a yellow Saab 9000 which is still on duty on the airport. Reportedly it has some measurement instruments mounted. No more info is known (to me).

Since not having any contacts on the airport it will be hard to find out more. But some of the czech/slovak readers may know someone there. If yes and willing to find out more, feel free to write me

source : Hospodarske noviny via saabinfo (cz) forum.

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