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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heat your seat

Jalopnik has a recent story called "Thank A Swede For Your Toasty Ass" admiting, that Saab was the first one, who introduced heated seats in Saab 99.

Citing the Saabhistory site :
"The electronically heated seats were designed as a precaution for driver's backaches, ensuring better driving pleasure and ultimately more safety."
I've heard another more real-life story. In an interview (still giving myself hard time to find the source) it was told, that the heated seats were invented, because one of the test drivers had, especially in winter, problems with urinary bladder. So someone in the development team constructed a heater into the seat and than the idea came to introduce it as a car feature.

It might be an urban legend, but who knows ...

Picture source : Serious Wheels

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