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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Convertible season 2012 starts

Packed with a lot of energy from the last weekend drive and browsing through the pics on the disk I'd like to share two of them. Nothing special, just random shots while driving, but such longer rides in great weather through interesting roads is something which enables me to enjoy life. Yes, it could be any other convertible as well as a motorbike, but sometimes after talks with people I more and more understand, that the Saab evokes mostly very positive feelings. Which I enjoy a lot, to spread positivism is an awesome feeling. I'm not sure if some musculative Mercedes would evoke the same.

This trip was not different. After parking a friend of a friend, came to me asking about the Saab and it turned out he knew about this car a lot, having it through his time in Australia. With the same engine (2.8T V6) which was developed by Holden, Australia. It was not the first time, that someone wanted to talk.

Oh and yes, my convertible evidently fits into the hills.

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