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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saab Roudnice 2012

One of the largest meetings of Saab fans happens annually in Roudnice nad Labem, some 35 km behind Prague. I was last year there and didn't want to miss this year. Again fine atmosphere, around 150 cars there.

The weather forecast was not very good. Rain and storms in the afternoon and evening. The forecasts are never 100% accurate, it was a question of trust if the weather holds or not and decide for go / no-go. From my home it's 700 km there and back and a whole day of time. I took the risk and won. The weather was exactly as forecasted, a sunny day and later rains. But many people didn't risked, therefore a bit less cars than last year.

It was so fine again to meet people which you see 1-2x in a year and occasionally speak to them through the forums. Many of them still believe in the future. One of them bought a 900 classic convertible. I've seen some new cars and thinking more and more about the Hirsch dashboard trim. I don't know if Hirsch is still making it. Hm.

The way home was again as the forecast said. 280 km in rain, sometimes very heavy. Thunder and flashes all the time. So the legendary "The Real Thing" from Faith No More came into the stereo and with "you can rain as much as you want you b***" in my mind i drove home.

Pictures (clickable for larger size) :

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