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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cabrio ride hint : rediscovered roads in Slovakia

I've been on these roads before, but either it was too long ago or I was not driving or something else. But last week I did 540 km roofless through Slovakia, found some very nice hints for convertible drivers and this is the place to show them.

1. Hlohovec - Topoľčany
If you drive to northwestern Slovakia, this is definitely one road to do. It's easy to find and fun to drive. It starts with a passage through the woods with many curves, ideal for slow and chilling ride. After a while you come between the fields which are not exactly horizontal. There are some surprising abrupt "downrides" (we call them parachutes) where you have to be careful not to jump. It had somehow the power to let me drive more sporty, more gear switching and braking, but very careful. It was really a nice surprise.

Through the woods

Larger map

2. Along the river Váh
Between the National park Veľká Fatra and the mountain range Malá Fatra flows the river Váh, the longest slovakian river. Along it leads a wonderful road, on one side a mountain edge on the other the river. Because the main road through northern Slovakia is somewhere else (still not full highway) this one is not very frequented and in good condition. Because I had to turn in one point, I didn't do the whole road, only a part shown in the map below. My part was very comfortable and the rest will be definitely the same.

Along the river Vah

Larger map

It doesn't happen too often that summer temperatures comes so surprisingly soon. In the last days it was 29-30°C which is really hot for an april in Middle Europe. The snow in the mountains still didn't melted. A scenery sitting in a convertible like in summer while the mountains are covered with snow was a kind of mindblowing.


  1. Gorgeous, I wish I was there, on that road 'through the woods' - looking forward to getting the roof down a little more on our classic 900.

    Another lovely post.

    1. thanks :) i've heard from a friend on Skype, that recently the UK weather got a bit better plus the time works for us, convertible drivers, towards the summer .)