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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saabism featured on

With great feeling I've found an article about Saabism together with a link in the blog links section on one of the very large Saab community sites -

Saabblog is a german speaking site covering the large german Saab community, always up-to-date and one of my main information sources. The 27 categories of topics speaks for itself. You can find here news and different topics, sometimes from a different angle of view as well as a great wave of enthusiasm.

The article on Saabblog can be found here.

For me it means a large dose of motivation to continue and improve Saabism. Saab is a passion, Saabism is a hobby, a school of blogging and writing texts as well an attempt to bring at least a small contribution to visibility of Saab and the power of the community - potential customer base. If my blog contributes at least a little bit to a rebirth of Saab, it would make me really happy and only confirm, that the dedicated time was worth it.

Thank you Saabblog, thank you Tom !

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