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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saab 9000 combi, the Saab that never happened

I just came across an interesting picture, a Saab 9000 combi - or kombi, estate or wagon if you like it more. For unknown reasons it never came into serial production. It is a pity, because the 9000 is a desired model in the Saab community.

It's this one :

Some googling brought other pictures of the car. Since this kind of rare picture tend to disappear with the time, I've downloaded them all and posting them here, so another source is alive. The original sources are of course there.

All the pictures are clickable to get the original size. 

These two pictures can be found on this swedish forum

Saab 9000 combi

Saab 9000 combi

And these pictures are coming from this dutch forum.

All the pictures are clickable for the original size.

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