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Monday, January 30, 2012

Solstad Saab 900NG convertible

Do you like modified cars ? I like them as long as they are done with sense and taste. All of us have seen many mods, which destroyed the original.

There was a swedish company called Solstad, found by Robert Solstad, which modified cars, mostly Saab, mainly rebuilding them to special cars like car transport vehicles or ambulances.But they did also a convertible. If Solstad have nothing to do with the norwegian Solstad Offshore, than I couldn't find anything about them.

But I could find some pictures of the Solstad Saab. It's a tuning of Saab 900NG (1994-1998) with the B258I 2.5-liter V6 with 170HP and automatic transmission.

Solstad Saab 900 NG convertible

Solstad Saab 900 NG convertible

Solstad Saab 900 NG convertible

Solstad Saab 900 NG convertible

Click on any picture to get bigger resolution.

The pictures are coming from saabrobz's flickr pool and you can see 4 more pictures here. Thank you for the "yes" for posting them here. 

Do you like it ? I like a lot the rear part with the spoiler and the dashboard. Yellow and black are a very daring combination, but very nice as well. The seats would be nice without the V6 turbo letters. The rims are fine, the changeover from black to yellow on the sides makes it look a bit like from a computer game.

Btw. what were the differences between 900NG and 9-3 I ? There are two interesting threads on in : first and second.

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