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Friday, December 30, 2011

A shy light of hope continues ...

Interesting things are going on now at the bankrupted Saab.

Some days ago, there was a turkish delegation in Trollhattan reported, interested in Saab. I don't know who exactly is it. According to wikipedia Turkey produced 1,124,982 motor vehicles in 2010, ranking as the 7th largest automotive producer in Europe [source]. There could be interest in some kind of joint venture like f.e. Otosan is.

Another interest came from India. Saabsunited reported, that there is an indian company, "based in India but acts on a world-wide basis with much more than 100’000 employees worldwide. They are a multi-billion dollar company, that work on multiple fields such as energy, logistics, real estate and of course within the aerospace and automotive industry.". After 24h it turned out, that it is Mahindra. Their strategy definitely is to play a role in the worldwide automotive industry. Their personal vehicles product portfolio doesn't look hi-tech at all, but exactly this would be the reason for interest in Saab.

Father of one of my friends drives a Mahindra Pick-up (together with Suzuki Samurai) in the forests and hills of northern Slovakia, in some places an untouched area. It's saying very basic but it does exactly what it should do. It's reliable, goes through terrain and is easy to fix.

The Mahindra story is confirmed by Bloomberg and I've seen basically the same content on the czech news tv channel CT24 (a good one).

At the end I'd like to cite Saabsunited again from this link, which says a claim from the receivers of Saab after bankruptcy Hans L Bergqvist & Anne-Marie Pouteaux :

” The contacts we have had has so far has been positive and gives good hope for alternatives and also combinations of solutions that could result in a continued operation to some degree. Leading to a purposeful dismantling of the bankruptcy operation.” 

Disregard how careful this statement sounds, the whole thing is very serious and they would never state this without having a reasonable agreements or data on the background.

Therefore the shy light of a hope still glows ... not only for me and all the fans around the globe but mainly for the city of Trollhattan which in case of total end of Saab would suffer extremely ...

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