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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012

This year the Christmas gift for all Saab fans wasn't very nice. It looks like Saab is dead, we will see how the situation will evolves in the next days. Although one slovak wording is saying "Nothing lasts forever", this was a hard hit.

I'm not too much afraid about servicing my Saab. Saab Parts, as a separate company runs fine and is profitable. Spare part delivery times will be longer. I dont plan to buy something in advance, mainly because I don't know what. Hot topic were keys : i have two and both in very good condition.

Where a bit fear comes is the service work. But still there are many Saabs around and the people servicing them don't dissapear, as well as the Saab specific tools, like Tech 2. Let's see, what authorised service will mean.

I've read feelings from people whining "what I have bought". I admit, first day after the bankruptcy declaration I had simillar feelings. But afterwards everything came to normal. I really love the car, continue to going driving just for fun and relax. The soul is there and will remain. Maybe even I will upgrade the baby to make it even more attractive for me. Thinking about Hirsch interior stuff. Will Hirsch survive ? Hopely. Best wishes to St.Gallen.

Finally I've found a new job. It will be a challenging one but for a very good company and a job I did before, so I will not have to start on a green field. Hopely I learn new stuff. The only thing which is sad, that I will choose a new company car, hoped for 9-5 SC but unfortunately this will stay only a dream. Most probably a Volvo. Less soul but still nice and reliable.

Well, last year wasn't very good, therefore it is good possible the next will be much better. I wish all the best to all Saab fans, readers, friends, everybody. And of course enjoy the rest of the Christmas.

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