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Friday, December 30, 2011

How to save the Saab Museum

The wonderful Saab Museum is a part of the package which the receivers of Saab Hans L Bergqvist & Anne-Marie Pouteaux are trying to sell, but in this moment no investor is approved and no agreement is signed.

Therefore there are ongoing efforts and initiatives to save the Saab Museum. The largest is on Saabsunited proposing this to start an association "Club" where all who wants to contribute, has to become a member paying a fee, which looks to be around €50 per year. A reasonable business plan must be in place as well as a temporary management group. Makes sense. The whole proposal can be read here.  Also there is also an e-mail adress, where you can declare your intention to help and so join the effort. I did.

Informations about Saab Museum are saying that annual running costs of the museum are about €650.000 and income from tickets is only a fraction of covering the costs.

Another wonderful fan effort supporting the Saabsunited initiative is the Save Saab Museum blog. It collects all informations around the topic as well as pictures and links. The guy running this blog Rudy Snaidero living in The Netherlands, has a black 9-3 convertible, the next facelift after mine, the great 9-3 sedan aero and an extremely nice Saab 95. A longer term facebook friend.

There is also a Save Saab Museum facebook fanpage collecting fans from all over the world.

So how to help ?
If you are interested to help, the best place to start is to read the Saabsunited post, look at the Save Saab Museum blog and most important write an e-mail to the organisators of the effort. The Saab Museum is worth it.

Btw. you can see my pictures from the Saab Museum from October 2011 here and here.

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