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Saturday, December 31, 2011


These are Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans L Bergqvist, currently the receivers of Saab, from the Delphi law firm.

They are now pulling the stitches on what will happen with Saab. Are they ? Let's hope yes. There are too many parties behind the scenes.

They look fine, aren't they ? I'm sure they are aware, how many people are waiting for the results of their work.

In my professional career I had several encounters with lawyers. Some of them were complete assholes. My experience in a global corporation was absolutely clean : the higher level / multiregion, the bigger asshole and the lower chance to find any kind of mutual interest or motivation to move things forward. The guy responsible for us was farting in his chair somewhere in South Africa and needed several calls to do something for a multimillion dollar deal. A Martian.

On the lower level the situation was different. Our regional lawyer was ok. Sometimes extremely slow but I couldn't blame him, the corners of the law are sometimes very foggy. But this guy understood what is going on and if there was a need for him, he was there.

The guy from the small local law firm was the best. He helped me, when I was leading an office with 30 people, where he could. He charged a lot, but did his job for it.

These two guys on the photo are not coming from any of this hyperglobal lawfirms and consulting superheroes where you are only one of thousands of clients and they charge you 5 digit numbers in € for worthless papers. These two seems to come from a smaller agency which is good.

And they even show a bit of emotions, which doesn't happen often !

“We have ourselves looked into the future product lineup and seen the new 9-3 model and the new technology. And we now really understand, in a whole new way, why Victor Muller is so committed and continues working to find a solution. What we have seen has really moved us.” says Anne-Marie Pouteaux.

Their image of Victor Muller that had been formed by the media has changed.
“I have complete respect for him, he has proven himself helpful because he really wants this to work” says Bergqvist.

Let's hope, they tell the truth here and they can help Saab. 

Anne-Marie & Hans, a lot of people rely on you !

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