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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music for cabriolets : Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit

Jaga Jazzist is a great norvegian band, one of the key bands of the label Ninja Tune. They are currently one of the best live performing bands featuring besides drums, bass, guitars and keyboards a full brass section. Always 9-12 people at the stage, all of them are great instrumentalists and their shows are stunning. All of their songs are instrumental, only a very few singing.

The selected track is from their current album One Armed Bandit from last year. It makes me feel free in the convertible :) As well as the whole album. You can find more of their tracks on Soundcloud here, incl. some live records. 

Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit (Promo) by Ninja Tune

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