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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Current Saab 9-3 Convertible Colours 2011

It looks like Saab is on the right track to skate out of the current crisis. The current 9-3 generation called Griffin contains also a convertible. The enthusiasts test can be found here. Let's look at the current colours Saab is offering at the moment. The screenshots have origin in the official international Saab configurator.

Arctic White


Laser Red

Carbon Grey

Diamond Silver 

Glacier Silver


Jet Black

Nocturne Blue

Oak Brown

These are the Aero builds. My favorites are Nocturne Blue, Oak Brown and Java. What are yours ?
You can play with the configurator starting here

Two things must be mentioned here:

The Independence Edition with special orange colour. Limited to 366 pieces. I don't know how many were ordered / sold, but they are still to buy on (gasoline, diesel). The sticker "Sofort" (Immediately) means delivery, which seems they have them on stock.

And there will be soon after production restart a Sky Blue colour introduced.

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