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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music for cabriolets : Mitch Alive DJ Set

Music and cars are an important part of my life. They often they fit together so why not to have here a category of music for cabriolets. I am fully aware of the fact, that there is almost no difference between a music for car driving and music for cabriolets.

Also music is a very personal thing, so not there is impossible to cover everybodys musical tastes and styles. But a blog is often a personal thing as well, so the category Music for cabriolets will be a collection of recommendations for music which worked for myself. If you feel, it worked for you as well, please express it.

Also this is not a guidance for illegal downloading of music. There are many ways of legal obtaining it, I'm not responsible for how you do it.

The first recommendation is very recent and it is a DJ set called "I can make you dance" from DJ  Mitch Alive. It's a 51 minutes long funk mix, sometimes very sharp and average fast, never calming down. It's fine for a longer convertible ride in summer. There are some extraordinary instrumental performances and great grooves. Many 2-3 minutes long tracks, it's changing constantly.

For downloading use this link. Legal for free. Enjoy.

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