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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : The Bata Channel (CZ)

We did a trip recently which turned out as a nice place for a convertible ride and maybe also a place for vacation - The Bata Channel.

The Bata Channel is named after a known czech enterpreneur in the shoe industry Tomas Bata. It is located in eastern Czechia (Moravia) and it is a ~50km long water channel with small harbours and locks. A part of it is in the waterbed of river Morava and the rest are artificial channels. More photos are located here.

The main and nice part ranges from Rohatec to Otrokovice, where a nice and chilled road leads through villages and towns. In the country side full of small lakes and cultural heritage you can find small harbours but also surprises like for example The Aviation Museum Kunovice (360° panorama link) in a town where many planes were built. The people all around the road were relaxed and positively minded.

There is also a possibility to rent a boat and spend a few days on water. If you were on a canal barge trip in western Europe (France, The Netherlands etc), expect a smaller and simpler version of it and a bit more affordable. From my Netherlands experience, this could be a nice alternative closer to the nature. There is also an 80km bicycle road along the channel and many accommodation possibilities.  The boating season lasts from 1.5. till 28.10.

We did this trip from Bratislava and there is a possibility to mind the highway completely, here is a map. It is going through the western part of Slovakia called Záhorie, through an old and small border cross and than continues on the czech side. For a convertible ride, there is a minimum of roads leading between the fields where so often side wind comes from all directions.

A nice place for a weekend. We will do it again.

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