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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intermediate service stop after 15.000km

15.000km after a last (intermediate pit stop) my 9-3 cabrio required the next one. I would go to service anyway, because the brakes started to produce strange sound as if metal on metal would shuffle - only below 50kmh and with unreduced break power.

All the usual stuff was done, while 7 litres of Mobil 1 Engine oil 0W40 was the most expensive part of the invoice (18€ / litre). But this type is very recommended everywhere, so I've took it. The breaks were a clear message - both rear break pads had to be changed. According to the service book, this is the first time for the car so at ~60.000km it is OK. Costs 63€ for both pads, which is more or less the same price as at elkparts as well as the engine oil price. The whole service stop was 1 day and I got a Saab 9-3 SportCombi 2.0 turbodiesel for the day. Interesting car, nice Fusion Blue Metallic colour and I liked the 2006 dashboard with many buttons and displays. For the 130kkm it had, for a car which was in so many hands, it was in suprisingly good condition. Diesel is lazy, but anyway I am used now to 275hp and this one had 100hp less.

Everything else works fine at the moment. Hopely it stays so.

The two pics below are from my recent Prague trip. A supersmall but safe hotel garage. I was very afraid because the entrance was very small as well, but everything was fine.


  1. Líbí se mi Váš blog! Pěkné a zajímavé články. :) Je možné navázat nějakou spolupráci? Petr Vlček, SAABINFO.NET

  2. ahoj deff, dik za pochvalu, snazim sa, kym mam cas. Jasne, ze sa da. Som redsnapper u vas na fore, ako admin asi vidis moj email, prip. som na skype, gtalk a icq. Urcite nieco rozumne vymyslime.