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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My wishes for a future Saab 9-3 convertible

Inspired by this blog entry I'd like to express wishes for a future Saab 9-3 convertible. These wishes are coming from the MY07 version, some of them may be already reality in later models.

  • wind deflector as standard equipment

C'mon don't be shy. The wind deflector dramatically increases drivers experience in a convertible. Yes, it is an expensive part but the feeling of customers behind the steering wheel is much more valuable. It may be also a competitive differentiator, I'm not sure if competition ships this as standard.

  • at least one cargo-net or better two nets in the boot as standard equipment

The boot is clearly a weak point. There is enough space you would expect in a convertible but as you carry things with you (wind deflector cover, first-aid kit, some cleaning stuff...) they are travelling around the boot. Besides the chaos inside, something can get broken or opened. The solution : one or two cargo nets.

  • IQon connectivity system

Yes ! Please keep balance between buttons on the dashboard and digitally handled things. I have the Saab Phoenix Android appplication installed on HTC Desire. There may appear issues for people wearing sunglasses with polarizing filter. At least the capacitor display at this HTC doesn't show anything. But through the night it's great :) Btw. do you see the cables ? A bit better position of the AUX connector would be superb. It was a pain in some models. Inputs : AUX (most variable). SD card or USB in would be nice. Some kind of wifi connectivity to home PC would be great as well with a hard disk in the vehicle. I'm not sure, what the iPhone/iPod guys need.

  • parking sensor sound with variable volume

There is not much to see when parking in reverse mode or turning with the roof on. Fine, it's a cabrio. So the parking sensor helps a lot. But sometimes there are moments, when you forget it and the parking signal is too silent in relation to radio sound. Even after 22 years of driving, I have to be very carefull. Volvo had a useful feature, that the sound was increasing it's volume when the radio was loud.

  • at least 250HP

There is not only the crusing mode without the roof. And sometimes the acceleration without the roof is a great thing. You feel the car, you are a part of it. Please at least a 250HP engine.

  • more massive elbow rest

The elbow rest often slips to the back with the hand on it. It would be great, when it would go harder.

This was all about funcionality. What about design ? If there will be parts of the PhoeniX concept, fine.But I like a transformer, which can transform from a fancy cabrio to a more or less regular car. The social aspect plays a role here, not everybody can afford such a Saab so ... But given the situation in which Saab is now, a possible very extrovert design would be absolutely OK.

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