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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saab PhoeniX concept unveiled

Today, 1.3. Saab unveiled its PhoeniX concept. This is a completely new reference point for future Saab 9-3 design. It is inspired by teardrop, nearly to mercury visual and uses Saab aviation roots. Saab calls it "aeromotional" design and it reminds a bit on Ursaab shapes, which was designed by aircraft engineers. And the Gull-wing doors are appearing. They are reminding a bit on the AeroX but in a completely different form. I like the wheels a lot, they look as turbo blades.

Interior is claimed to be minimalistic, the dashboard is in extreme 45° angle to the driver. Look at the video, you will see more. What absolutely amazes me, is the Saab IQon system which will be a fully configurable computer running Google Android, an operating system and platform for mobile devices and tablets. In reality that means connectivity to internet, downloading applications and a possibility to personalise your entertainment system. For example you want to use another cool clock or get a weather forecast. Or you want use another navigation software, or the social car drivers application Waze. Or you want to use your own CD or mp3 player or stream music from your homecomputer ? Updating facebook or twitter while parking, searching for the nearest petrol station or a good restaurant. The possibilities are very broad and since Android is an open platform, it is to expect, that new applications will come. A very cool thing would be a possibility to tune visual things in the car like dashboard lights or appearance of SID. Since I am using Android-powered phone in my car already, this all is a very good message for me. The touchscreen display in the concept is 8 inches big.

The engine in the concept is 200hp 1.6-litre from BMW supported by a 34hp electric read drive unit. The projected combined cycle fuel economy is 5.0 l/100km and CO2 emissions 119g/km, which are very good numbers. Together with performance 0-100kmh in 5.9 seconds and 250kmh top speed, the numbers look even more better.

The promotional video shows even more :

And while I wrote this blog entry, a brand new IQon promotional video appeared :

A bit more about PhoeniX

So let's see, which parts of this concept will be really used in the new 9-3, which should arrive next year.

update : more photos here

More informations : Saab Newsroom, SaabsUnited, IQon Press release

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