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Monday, March 7, 2011

Drivewear sunglasses experience

I must wear glasses : -2.25 dioptry, so some 2 years ago I tried to solve a problem with sunglasses while driving. Classic choice : contact lenses + regular sunglasses or dioptrical sunglasses. Someone pointed my attention to Drivewear, which claims to be a special solution for drivers like me.

Claims around the product :
Sunglasses behavior and changing colours from yellow/brown to green according to the light conditions. Fighting against sun glare attacks, filtering the glare you can get on your windscreen or coming from the road or water. Also better visibility in rainy conditions, by cleaning the reflecting light from raindrops. Polarising filter included.

This is kind of test / promo video of the effect :

Experience :
It is nearly all true what Drivewear claims. You can drive from sunrise to sundown with them in the sunny as well as in normal light conditions. As sunglasses they are perfect. I was also very surprised, while driving in a strong rain about the performance. It was much better than my normal glasses through all the water coming from the sky and from cars in front of me. Extremely good.

Driverwear is changing less colours as indicated on their website. At least mine. They are more yellow/brown and changing from bright to dark and back. It's absolutely OK with me.

The polarising filter also changes the view of the clouds to nearly 3D. Through a sunny day, when clouds are swimming on the sky, it is a big spectacle. The world is a bit nicer :) I've tried them also behind a rudder of a charter yacht several times and I am wondering a bit, why the manufacturer doesn't offer them as yachter glasses as well. You see better around and into the water.

I've found a video testing the dark/light changes, I have more or less the same experience :

It wasn't cheap, ~300€, but it's worth the investment. And there are far more expensive super stylish  sunglasses on the market. We have just two eyes, they are extremely important and we have to protect them properly.  

Fine thing. I use them regulary and if they get broken, I'll buy another.

1 comment:

  1. Wow nice videos to share the drivewear sunglasses experienceI especially like the first video because it shows the difference closely while driving a vehicle.