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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saab Support Convoy Czech Republic and Slovakia 2015

On 17.1.2010 the first Saab Support Convoy started. It was basically a peaceful demonstration again GMs idea to close Saab completely. The idea was, that it happens at the same time all around the world, in places where Saabs have fans and fanclubs. About 6000 Saabs worldwide appeared at the first anniversary.

The rest is history, which, fortunately still continues. Somehow. At least.

This year it was the 5-th anniversary of the SSC. It was one of the few opportunities to see the known faces and friends in one place, so I couldn't resist. Also it was in Southern Moravia, which I absolutely love. Beautiful countryside. About 100 km far, which is nothing. And one of the best wine area in Europe.

The cooperation of and Saab Club Slovakia worked again perfectly. About 40-50 cars appeared. Looking forward for the next year.

Gathering place of the slovakian crew. 10 minutes and continue to the main place.
Lednice. Below the castle. Check out the camera drone in the top right corner.
40-50 Saabs. From classic 900 through everything up to 9-5NG.
The guys from Saabunderground are hobby photographs. Stereoscopes should appear.
A detail...
The chilli red on the right side is pretty rare.
Voluntary fireman. Respect.
The second place. Somewhere in the fields.
Saabs. Lots of Saabs.
Even more Saabs.
See you next year.


  1. Video from drone

    1. thanks. seen on saabunderground, scheduled for today: