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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saab Session Slovakia part 1

The realistic estimation of Saabs arriving to the first Saab Session Slovakia was about 30. A good number for a small country, even if the idea was to invite Saabs from close distance neighbours as well. Of course nobody knew what will happen.

An unexpected 57 Saabs came. Including our Pa Taket amphibian model. A huge success, it is more than the We are many we are Saab event last winter. Besides slovakian Saab freaks there were Saabs from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland.

The convention was in the hills of Mala Fatra. Slovakia. The program contained a forest railway ride, an outdoor-museum visit, a joint drive in the countryside, a photosession and of course networking. Although the weather didn't played with us in the night before, so many Saabs were not as clean as usual, the atmosphere was very relaxed. But for the drive the sun appeared and all five convertibles were driving top down.

There were some beautiful Saabs never seen in Slovakia before. Saab Sonnett V4 from 1969 once driven by Simo Lampinen. A Saab 92A from 1950. Several Saabs 96. The majority of the model ranges were there. Classic 900's and 99's. Five brand new Saab 95 new generation, the last ones. Really nobody expected this.

Enjoy the part one of the pictures. Click for higher resolution :

More to come soon ...

1 comment:

  1. Very nice showing of Saabs! Too bad I will be away from Germany in October this year, I would love to drive down to Slovakia for this.