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Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby on board

A nice sticker for baby on board isn't easy to find. At least here, there are always some kind of advertisements connected to it. Skoda logos and so on. I would consider Saab, but I've chosen the one on the picture above.

And yes, it's my first one, she's Alexandra and was born yesterday evening. Everybody is healthy and happy.

These stickers are prepared for both my Volvos as well as for the Saab convertible. I've found this one on openclipart, the printing service just used them as they are posted. 

So I will be quiet for a while.


  1. Congratulation to you and your family, Alex! I will need such kind of a sticker in November this year ... Greetings! Matthias

    1. oh nice Matthias:) thanks and congratulations as well .)

  2. Huge congratulations, they change your life in the best way possible, you'll wonder what you used to do with all of your spare time.

    My son is currently helping me tidy up our 900 convertible, whilst my daughter just wants to drive it when she passes her test - great taste :)

    1. many thanks Mr. 11creative. I am looking forward to all the changes which come in the near future. And also for the first convertible ride with her :)