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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A night in the archive

"A night in the archive" is a series in the slovak national TV, RTVS. They are picking up interesting things from the past and playing it in the night. Recently someone found a Saab Sonett in it. Origin in 1969. It has an unnatural comments, but the Saab is there.

It doesn't have any sense to translate it. It's a typical clerk speech from the end of 60-ies and start of 70-ies. It does not spread hate on the Saab at all, rather it tries to uncover why sports cars started to exist.

One has to understand, that in those days in Czechoslovakia coupes and sport cars were an absolute rarity. Such a Saab was completely out of price range for a normal person. A rough estimation in todays money would be about 120-130.000 Euro. A price of a cheaper Porsche these days. At least here. But they showed it in the TV in the past.

Now it represents a valuable piece of TV production almost 50 years ago.And a nice Sonett V4.

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