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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Music for cabriolets: Kraftwerk

The almighty Kraftwerk. I'm a long-term fan of them, following them for years. Actually, decades already. Recently there came two live concert announcements, which made me quite excited. The first one is Kraftwerk - Der Katalog in Vienna, a 4 day gig marathon, where the band plays their crucial albums. The second one is their live concert on Pohoda festival, which is the largest festival nearby.

For my main web project I wrote a long article about them. Who they are, what they essentially do and why they're so influential. Sorry, it's in slovak language, it's a slovak website.
A rather crappy google translation can be found here.

For the article I've decided to go through all their albums, listen to them one by one, to get again that old Kraftwerk feeling. In a car of course. Here are three songs, which worked the best in the car.

The first is obviously "Autobahn", in a 10 minutes live version, shorter than the 23 minutes original one. The second is "It's more fun to compute" from the album Computerworld, where the second part of the song reliably starts "the autopilot". The third is "Metal on Metal", the descendent of the known Trans-Europe Express, which develops the main theme into more darker areas.

Kraftwerk means a lot to me. Enjoy the tracks.

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