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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pre-production NEVS SAAB 9-3 is here

First pre-production Saab from NEVS. Photo credit : SaabsUnited

Today the first pre-production car was rolling out from the production belt in Trollhattan. From the outside it looks like a 9-3 Griffin, except the Saab logo on the bonnet, which is black and without the Griffin.

You can see a lot more photos here at SaabsUnited

If the Saab is indeed full GM-free, it should have many different parts than the Griffin. But this is not the production model. NEVS stated several times, that the new Saab will be a slightly facelifted 9-3.

A valid point brought, namely if showing this Saab in the time of IAA Frankfurt is a good timing.

A pre-production car lies between the prototype (mule) and real production car. It's intended for testing purposes, to find errors and leaks on the car as well as on the production belt before it goes into the real production. 


  1. Oh man…
    Who's going to buy this, the chinese? the emergent economies? I know I wont.
    How old is this car? A brand new Saab? They are going to survive with an 10 year old facelifted car, again? How long lasted the Trabant? Maybe thats the way to go Saab...
    Sincerely, good luck Saab.

    1. Hey Hugo. This is a pre-production Saab, not the sharp production version. I can absolutely share your feelings but since exactly this Saab will never be in showrooms or on the roads, I give Saab a bit more time to show what they can do.

      From the marketing perspective this is a disaster of course.

  2. Hi Alex!
    I hope it could be a mule or pre production car, featuring new chassis with an old body, companies do this a lot, let's wait and see. But the Saab community in general like it…
    Taste, everyone got is own. ;)