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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Print ads

Jalopnik has a recent story called The ten best automotive print ads of all time. A couple of very nice car ads from the history. Saab 9000 included.

Two questions unrelated to Saab were raised by this. Firstly, it's so strange how long is the ad text on the white background. Today nearly nobody would read it in whole. So I am wondering if in the time of this ad (late 80ies ?) people actually were reading the text.

And a second question is about the whole Jalopnik story, all the top ten print ads are from the past, relatively long time ago. The newest one is from mid-nineties, the rest is older. While understanding and liking the retro wave, does it mean we are recently in the dark age of bad car ads ? I don't think so ...

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