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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Automotive News Europe : Saab ready for production restart

The Automotive News Europe issued yesterday (21.8.2013) after an interview with NEVS's spokesman Mikael Oestlund an article about the Saab plans. He said that the factory in Trollhattan is "practically ready" to restart the production this year. NEVS hired about 300 people recently and repeated messages around the internet are stating about arrangements inside the factory like machine recalibration etc.

He confirmed, what was told on the Saabfestival in the summer : it will be a slightly facelifted 9-3, close to the 2011 version. There will be a combustion engine and electric version. He didn't revealed any engine or chassis details.

The electric version, which will come later, will receive a more comprehensive facelift. The batteries will come from the sister company Beijing National Battery Technology, which builds batteries for city buses.

Good ? Yes, of course. New ? Not really. Looking forward what will come from the production belts.

Source : Automotive News Europe

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