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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The royal security team Saab 9-5 Aero

It was a storm over the news yesterday and everybody knows that Prince William and Kate have a son. Congratulations !

The Saab fan community had one more excitement. One of the security cars is a Saab 9-5, a proper Aero. The picture comes from DailyMail and travelled all over the saabish facebook pages and fan sites.

It seems, that the Saab appeared on a two years earlier catch, published on Youtube. Thanks Alexandros for heads-up.

Now I don't know really what is better wishful thinking, if it's the same Saab or another one. Because  if it's another one, it would mean, that the security team has/had at least two Saabs. I hope, they're in good shape and hold long.

It seems that Saab is not an unknown to the Royal family. Prince Charles had the a drive a 9-3 convertible back in 2010. Hopely he liked it ;)


  1. Hi
    I think they are different cars
    One is kind of grey and the other is blueish.

    1. your're probably right Hugo. The better option ;)