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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A possible NEVS new SAAB 9-3 design ?

A really nice discovery was posted to SaabsUnited. A reader was browsing to the website of the designer studio yovinn in Göteborg, where amongst others Matias Cindric, the former Saab chief designer works.

At the doors are pictures with known curves. It's a Saab, no doubt. It's a new picture and it's still at the yovinn website.

NEVS said at Saabfestival, that they will start with a minor facelifted 9-3. It's on the third slide from their presentation. This is a minor facelifted 9-3.


These seems to be two different variants. A four door and a two door maybe ? The front part remembers a bit on the 9-3 Griffin, the two Saabs have a bit different front masks. The rear side is taking the nice 9-5 concept of the wide "red position lights". It looks great.

Nobody told what chassis version would be the NEVS 9-3. Well, here it's clear, however I highly doubt, that they aren't working on a SportCombi version as well.

So is the appearance of the photo a coincidence ? No way, this kind of pictures are never a coincidence, but a nice marketing/PR tool. So if NEVS was too silent, which many fans didn't liked, this could be the answer.

According to NEVS "overdeliver and underpromise" communication strategy, it would mean, they have this 9-3 in an advanced stage already. Well, they have to. If the production should start after summer this year, the car must be close to ready by now.

I like it. It looks nice, it would be a very nice start. But these are illustrations only. Let's see how the reality looks like.

Thumbs up and cross fingers !

btw. if someone from the designer studio is looking at their websites traffic, they must be extremely lucky right now :) 

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