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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The SAAB Suchomel meeting

Every serious car brand fan, disregard the brand itself, knows, that their cars are a great point for making new friendships and connections. After meeting the drivers of 9-4X and NG 9-5 SC on the way to the Saab Festival and spending some time with them, exactly this happened. It's a natural and good feeling.

I've got an invitation on which I couldn't say no. I simply like them. Saabists by heart, running a good service point. They're thinking in the good balance between emotions and real life, that's why they sell and service also Nissan. Why not.

To walk with the owner of the service through the stock rooms and listening about every single piece of the many spare parts catalogised in the shelfs was a unique experience. To know so much about everything means years of experience and a hobby.

It wasn't a regular Saab gathering. Both guys celebrated their 60 birthday. Many people came. Many Saabs arrived. New and old, from 96 to 9-5 NG. A very positive atmosphere, not oversaabed nor undersaabed, exactly as it should be.

A couple of photos from the Saab Suchomel gathering.

The special birthday cake. Photo © Martin Pavelek

Another very special and personal gift.
People. The service room was converted into an auction space. Bidding for Saab paintings.
For sale. Edit : the blue one is sold, 3 new arriving
A custom 9000 as a service car.
For sale. Many Saabs.
A special one. The 9-5 NG SC.
The 9-4X.
I was thinking about buying this ...
A moment from the hotel. It says "A genuine beer fron the mountains".
The 9-5 SportCombi with a proper engine and everything. An Aero of course.
A Viggen in the front.
Victor Mullers 9-5. The numberplate is a masquerade for Saab meetings.

Other photosets : Martin, Kerim (fb), Saab8

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