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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Saab 93 Mark III by Gray Design

One of the most impressive studies of SAAB I've ever seen. As the Eduard Gray, the designer writes, this is an attempt to take the Saab 92001 perfect simple lines and to grow them into a larger hatchback while maintaining the SAAB DNA design parts.

The result is a beautiful piece which got a lot of very positive response. According to the reactions around the Internet, it seems, that this is something, which many SAAB fans would love to drive.

For more pictures and high resolution pictures look at Gray Design project page.

via SaabWorld


  1. Different from than the Castriota 93.
    Better? Don't know about that.
    The first impression is good, but looking closely, it looks kind of a VW New Beetle with Opel Insignia lights...

    1. for me for sure better than JC. New Beetle came to my mind as well, but this is much sportier. Insignia has much more "whale / bubble" front lights, this one is much sharper. To drive this with a good 250-300 hp from Saab I would be happy, even more in a convertible version.

  2. Not the front lights but the rear lights look from the insignia.
    And there is something of the Veyron there.
    Of course a Saab like that would be brutal!

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