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Friday, March 15, 2013

På Taket Saab featured in Saab Enthusiast magazine

It all began with an innocent question in a Skype room and continued with weeks of work. The Pa Taket Saab 96, our amphibian vehicle, was built for the Red Bull Rapids competition, where unusual vessels compete in a rafting channel. Our club crew attended in the competition, finished somehwere in the middle of the field and had a lot of fun.

Since than our special "replica" has a kind of special life. It has a small facebook page and from time to time we get a like. It also got an enthusiastic response on the Saab Session Slovakia in the autumn last year with. Then it caught attention on Saabsunited (thank you Jason !). We're very thankful for all that, it keeps the spirit alive.

Yesterday I got the the hardcopy of the magazine of the british Saab Enthusiasts Club. The club is featuring Pa Taket in the current winter edition. A local hardcopy of a club magazine is always a very rare and special thing [ANY HARDCOPY FOR A FEATURE IS VERY WELCOME, JUST WRITE]. Inside is a feature of our Pa Taket.

UK will host the annual IntSaab 2013 gathering and the Saab Enthusiasts Club is one of the three clubs organising it. It is to feel in the magazine, that there are preparations going on. I also love the 96 rebuild story as well as the important trade directory. And also the key part of the Chairman's letter truly defining the meaning of these international gatherings in a few words :

"I can assure you, the fact that Saab has changed is irrelevant to our enjoyment of this international event. Many visitors have been coming to these annual meetings for many years so obviously they will know others met on previous occasions. Why not join us and make new friends ? It isn't just about breaking down barriers, socialising, admiring each others cars, for me it is also about building contacts, remembering and building a Saab world in the mould of the traditions established in Trollhattan before the bankruptcy."

There is also a PDF copy of the feature available. The story about building the Pa Taket was documented here on Saabism : intro, update 1, update 2 and update 3. The complete image gallery is on the Pa Taket facebook page

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