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Thursday, January 10, 2013

SAAB production restart ?

Several SAAB news sites are writing about a letter that NEVS sent to suppliers. Reportedly NEVS examines a possibility to restart the production this year.

They claim to have capacity of 20.000 cars and if the manage to start produce in week 34 - starting 19. August, they can produce 8.000 cars. The production could raise in 2014.

The letter speaks about conventional Saab 9-3. No word about engines, but further the information says, they plan to start with 9-3 convertible and 9-3 sedan, later 9-3X. Electric engines should come next year.

The news comes after the announcement that the chinese City of Qingdao became partner of NEVS. The cars should be built in Trollhattan, there is no information about engines available.

Interesting and sounds good.

sources : Saabsunited, and saablog-in.

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