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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Hollywood Saab

Our roadtrip (kind of) seems to get an unplanned movie background. The Bullitt movie locations thing was something I wanted to do for more than 10 years but even been in San Francisco several times, there was never time for this. But Hollywood was completely unplanned due some circumstances. I love these unexpected situations, which just appear from nowhere.

One of them was a short trip to Hollywood. One of the websites describing best ways to the Hollywood sign is saying, you should go from Mulholland Drive. So we did, of course in wrong direction. But we've driven a while on the street known from the famous David Lynch movie :) 

But our GPS (otherwise strange) has the sign as a point of interest. This second option worked flawlessly and there was also a Saab nearby. It wasn't an ideal parking position, but ... on the right side of the street ... it's a 900 SE 2.0 Turbo (click for higher resolution). 

ohh and ...

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