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Friday, September 28, 2012

Saabs coming to Saab Session Slovakia 2012

Over 40 Saabs are already registered for the Saab Session Slovakia 2012 event taking place 12. - 14.10. in Mala Lucivna in the hills of Mala Fatra. Most of the types will come as well as some very rare pieces, some of them for first time to see in Slovakia.

Still some registrations are expected, so the number of cars will grow.

You can see most of the registered Saabs on the participants page of the event. You are welcome to attend, there is a very simple registration procedure necessary. All the informations are ready in slovak and in english.

It's a weekend and if the weather holds, than the sceneries in the Mala Fatra hills are simply beautiful. Beside the Saabs of course :)

Main links : 
info / registration in slovak | info / registration in english | participating Saabs | facebook event

For a taste here is a selection of registered Saabs :

Saab 92A built 1950

Saab 95 V4, built 1974
Sonett 2 V4, built in 1969.
SAAB 99, built 1970
SAAB 99, built 1984
SAAB 900 Classic Convertible, built 1991
SAAB 9000 2,3T Aero Maptun, built 1996
9-3 Convertible 2004
At least two 9-5 NG's
... and our amphibian På Taket Saab Bullnose

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