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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Music for cabriolets : Talk Talk

Talk Talk was a british trio, well known in the 80's for some of their commercial hits. They were also one of the few bands which could step beyond the typical 80's cliché. After their hectic hits era there was an evident desire to develop themselves to more advanced compositions and sound.

So in 1988 and 1991 they recorded two albums - Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. Both are minimalistic, intimate, subtle and from time to time erasing the soft atmosphere with a very raw sound. Both albums are masterpieces, despite their declining sales figures, even after many years they are described as stable members of the family of timeless and influential albums, especially to musicians. Even nowadays.

Artists like Portishead or Radiohead are claiming to be influenced by Talk Talk.

The band disbanded after these two records with several explanations. After many years of being a fan and gathering all possible informations I read their end as a mixture of attrition of their musical expression with frustration from misunderstanding by the public. The description of these records as experimental seems not appropriate to me. This word describes seeking for new ways while Talk Talk knew exactly which way they want to go.

Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are a stable part of my music collection in every mp3 player I've got as well as in every car I've driven. However this is not easy listening and requires attention.

They are both embedded in full length below. Both embeds are starting with my most favorite song of each record. Of course, if you wish, you can listen to them in the whole by moving the slider to the start.

Spirit of Eden, I believe in you

Laughing Stock, After the Flood 

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