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Monday, August 6, 2012

IntSaab 2012 in pictures vol. 2

Back home from IntSaab 2012 in Spa, Belgium. I've met several great people and some of the internet friendships became real.

So thanks a lot for the good talk to Rudy writing Save Saab (Museum) blog,  and for giving me the possibility to sit as a co driver in his fabulous green 95. Also Tom the excelent writer and creator of Also Andrei, which is doing the great models available at And Alexandros, who sent a picture to my World Map of Saabs and which I've met completely by coincidence late in the evening and it was a very interesting talk. Also Simon, who runs a yacht charter in Greece and started my plans for next summer, since I have a skipper license and going every year. Nicholas, who led the organisation of IntSaab 2012. The czech crew which organises the largest annual czech Saab meeting in Roudnice nad Labem. And many others.

The event was very comfortable, the people were extremely helpful. After the SaabUnited Oktoberfest last year I had a possibility to see Saabs from different part of Europe, mainly from BeNeLux, Germany and France. Even a guy with a 9-5 from Island. Some finish Saabs. Even Russia and Bulgaria, which is really far. The social events at the evenings were crowded and very interesting. It was announced, that the next IntSaab will be in England.

I left my tripmeter running from home garage to home garage and the number at the end was somehow magical 2499.9km. I was thinking about to make the remaining 100 meters in my home city, but why to tweak the number. It is as it is. Maybe even better than 2500 km.

Here is the second part of the pictures. You can see also the first, third, fourth and fifth part.

Beauty contest winner in it's category.

This guy remembers a lot.
Banana ?
Not the first and not the last at this engine.


Cariboo and elk are not the same. And hirsch is also something else :) 
One of the swiss 9000 freaked Saabs.

The probably last 9-5

A Saab freak. All were at that day.

Unloved but still wonderful. V8, 5.3 liter i think :)


Like from a museum. It won the beauty contest in it's category as far as I remember.

Other pictures from IntSaab 2012 : first, third, fourth and fifth parts.