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Saturday, August 4, 2012

IntSaab 2012 in pictures vol. 1

The IntSaab 2012 in Spa, Belgium is after it's first day as well as the Spa Francorchamps Circuit drives at the day before. Several hundreds Saabs arrived, all kinds, from the really old ones up to the last 9-5. There are 21 countries on the participants list, it would be very interesting to count how many kilometers were driven to here.
Smiling faces, good atmosphere. Also the weather forecast looked worse than the weather actually is.

So some very first pictures, I hope you enjoy them. You can see also the second, third, fourth and fifth parts of the pictures.

Close to the central square in Spa
Waiting for some rounds on Spa Francorchamps Circuit

The Saab Symmetry

The belgian flag. The Saab Chili Red colour is quite rare.

You can see also the second, third, fourth and and fifth part of the pictures.


  1. Wish I'd been there, we're in Andalusia next week so couldn't do both.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, love the row of 900's, and also the gloves on the dash, very Saab.

    Hope you had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing a few more photos soon.

    1. Thanks, I've just uploaded the second part. I think, the gloves were in a Viggen convertible. Yes, very Saab.

      The whole event was really nice.

      Enjoy Andalusia ! :)