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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spa Francorchamps Circuit at IntSaab 2012

The IntSaab 2012 event which starts in about two weeks in Spa Belgium made an update on their facebook page about the Francorchamps by Saab, which is a possibility to drive some rounds on the racing circuit.

Photos from the event : part one

Experience the sensation of going fast on the world’s most beautiful racetrack in the world !

The Francorchamps by Saab track session option is available for every participant of Intsaab2012, whatever if they are participating to the “Belgium by Saab Tour” or not.

Not going to Intsaab2012 ? Send an e-mail to If you’re driving in a Saab, and the limit number of cars is not reached yet you will be allowed as well.

It is also possible to order extra sessions for 50€ each session of 3 laps. Send an e-mail to the above address.

What you get

The Francorchamps by Saab option includes 1 session that will allow you to do 3 laps of 7 km on the legendary track of Spa-Francorchamps.

Safe in Saab

As we all want to maintain our Saabs as long as possible on the road, we all will respect the playing rules : SAFETY FIRST !

Playing rules for Francorchamps:

- Entrance on the site ultimately at 5 :30 PM
- Please fill in and sign your participation form before being admitted on the track
-Your Saab must be street legal (insurance/ valid technical control
- The exhaust noise may not exceed 98db
- Maximum 2 passengers per car (The driver and his co-pilot)
- The pilot must be aged at least 18 and owning a valid driving license
- The co-pilot must be aged at least 16 – no license required
- Both (pilot and co-pilot) must wear a helmet – we don’t supply them !
- You will be divided in one of 3 groups: group 1 (96, 99, …) group 2 (900, 9000, …) or group 3 (modern, tuning, …)
- You will get a group number that you have to stick on the upper right side of your windscreen (upper left when you look at the front of your SAAB)

On the track:

- Always stay behind the pace car – 10 cars maximum are allowed to follow it
- Do not overtake
- Always follow the instructions of the organizers or track staff
- Jerrycans, extra fuel tanks, gas bottles are forbidden
- You are fully responsible of any damage to the installations, other cars and persons

Enjoy your ride !

‘Francorchamps by Saab’ is made possible with thanks to our main sponsor SWEEDSPEED

I plan to attend. But after this I don't know. I don't have a helmet and let's see how it will be with the pace car. It will be solved on the place, this is not a must thing.

Photos from the event : part one

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