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Monday, July 16, 2012

Looking for better times ...

Murphy's law played last week a major role. Equatorial temperatures through the week, rains at the weekend. But at least for a couple of hours at the end of Sunday the convertible weather came back. I took the chance to drive a few kilometers before a new week starts. And to take some pictures.

Currently these days are not the happiest, so these drives refresh a bit the head and also allow to think a bit about how to approach the future. How to setup some mental shields, how to create backup solutions and to react to what comes. The next picture is somehow symbolic.

But hey, the summer is still here, it will create more optimism for sure. Some new ideas should come than. Recently I've came a quote across saying "Worrying will never change the outcome", which is absolutely true. So better times, looking forward to you.

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